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Intuitive knowledge and professionalism

I came to know Rob Abrams through mutual friends. Over the years we had spoken about aircraft at various social events. When my son was obtaining his pilot license I purchased a Piper Turbo Arrow. After the purchase I ran into Rob and after speaking I realized that I had left an awful lot to chance. Rob was kind enough to look the plane over for me and it was an enlightening experience.

Several years later when we decided to purchase a brand new Meridian we relied solely on Rob’s expertise. Rob negotiated a very favorable purchase price and also helped us build a wonderful relationship with the dealership, which would ultimately maintain the plane for us.

When time came to divest that aircraft, we turned to Rob and Waterside again. They were able to consummate a late year end deal involving a very difficult buyer. Waterside’s intuitive knowledge and professionalism kept the buyer, and his unrelenting demands, in check and certainly saved us a good amount of money. Unquestionably, every one of our dealings with Waterside has had a positive outcome.

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