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At Waterside Aircraft Marketing, we have expertise in all private and corporate fixed-wing aircraft


Jet aircraft provide the ultimate in luxury and convenience in private air travel. We have bought and sold a variety of jet aircraft, from Learjet to Citations and more, and would be happy to apply our expertise on your behalf, whether seeking to purchase or sell a jet. Our services expend to cover all aspects of your transaction, from finance to maintenance requirements.


Turbo-prop aircraft provide a more efficient and traditional aircraft choice for many of our clients. From our earliest days working with Piper cubs to our most recent activity with a variety of high end turbo-prop aircraft, we’re here to help you get the most out of your aircraft commerce experience.

Currently for Sale

We are constantly adding to our stable of aircraft for sale. In many cases, we are acting as a broker for one of our clients. In other cases, we’re marketing our own inventory. Either way, you can rest assured that we will only bring you the best inventory available on the market.

Please click here to see what items we currently have for sale, and then call us to discuss anything you are interested in, we’re ready for your call.

Recently Sold

We’ve sold dozens of aircraft in the past several years. See our gallery of successful transactions to understand the breadth and expertise that we can bring to bear for your specific aircraft transaction.

Please click here to see a gallery of our past inventory.

Seeking Acquisition

We support clients who are in the market for a particular aircraft type, whether they are seeking a specific make or size or are looking to fulfill a particular financial or performance requirement. Given our deep and wide-ranging relationships in the private aircraft industry, we are able to help our clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Please click here to see if we’re currently seeking any specific acquisitions on behalf of our clients or our own inventory.

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