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Instrumental in helping me grow

Rob Abrams and I have a storied history that goes back to 1994 when I was Chief of Aviation at Collins Sign Company and Rob was in sales at Columbia Air Service. I left Collins to start my own company about the same time Rob started Waterside Aircraft Marketing. Rob was instrumental in helping me grow my business into one of the largest aircraft management and charter companies in Alabama. Throughout the years of our friendship and working relationship I have relied and trusted Rob and Waterside to handle 75% of the sales and acquisitions for my clients. Rob’s knowledge of maintenance, especially when it involves older pre-owned aircraft and his market savvy has always impressed those that have worked with him. Waterside understands the technical aspects of aircraft and has the ability to work with maintenance personnel, without alienating them. This is a skill not readily found in aircraft brokerages any longer. It is unfortunately a quality lost to a dying breed of aviation professionals. Most important is Waterside’s ability, patience and commitment to serving its clients, especially those that require more personalized attention. It is why I will always highly recommend the company to serve anyone’s aviation needs.

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