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Founded in 1996 by Rob Abrams, Waterside Aircraft was established with the vision of creating an aircraft sales environment where he and his fellow salesmen could put their passion for airplanes to work for the discerning client.  Waterside Aircraft Marketing, LLC brings the old fashioned way of doing business with a handshake to modern aircraft sales.

With over 70 years of combined aviation experience, the staff at Waterside can drive value in any transaction — no matter how complex, or seemingly simple — from King Air’s to Gulfstreams.  Waterside has a network of specialists that can evaluate every aspect of the aircraft sale or purchase transaction – from avionics, interior, paint, landing gear, engines and APU, to pilots, financing, import/export, and contract review.  Throughout the entire process, from the listing through the closing, you can expect expert representation as well as open and honest communication.

You will find our small, boutique style of business a warming experience in the often cut throat world of global aircraft sales.  Our expert knowledge of the aircraft market, coupled with our network of specialists, are the qualities that set us apart from other aircraft sales corporations. Our salespeople at Waterside concentrate on only a few transactions at a time, allowing us to give large amounts of personalized attention to our clients and complete oversight to your transaction.

If you are considering listing your airplane for sale, or purchasing a used airplane, please consider Waterside Aircraft Marketing.  The staff at Waterside stands ready and able to meet the demands of your aircraft transaction.

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