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True to it’s word

When I was initially looking into purchasing my first aircraft for personal and business use I spoke with a number of people and was disillusioned by the lack of honesty and the amount of inaccurate information I received. After many late night conversations over a period of several months with Rob Abrams I developed a confidence and trust that ultimately led to an acquisition agreement with Waterside to purchase a Piper Cheyenne 1. During the entire purchase process I continued to vet Rob and Waterside. Unknown to them, I had inside information on the aircraft that they presented to me. I can say that that information confirmed that I was dealing with an individual and company that was not only true to its word but did business with ethics and a level of integrity that is uncommon in today’s business world. The evolving respect for Waterside as a result of that experience has developed into one of my most trusted business relationships. Rob Abrams has also become a close personal friend as well.

Over the years the expansive knowledge of many aircraft types and their maintenance protocols that Waterside brings to the table continues to impress me. My confidence in Waterside’s consulting and marketing is without question. Waterside has exclusively handled the purchase and sale of all my aircraft ranging from King Airs to Falcons and Citations. They have also been instrumental in pilot recruitment as well as helping grow my flight department. My faith in Waterside is so absolute that they were given Carte Blanche to do as they saw fit when facilitating the acquisition of my most recent Citation III while I was in Europe for three weeks. This speaks volumes of the trust and reliance I have for this organization.

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